Standard and Premium Slatted Fencing Installation & Repair in Portsmouth & Southampton

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South Coast Cobblestone has many years of experience when it comes to installing high quality and durable fencing, as well as repairing any fencing. Our fence installations are available in a variety of timber and styles. View a gallery of our fencing work »

Western Red Cedar Slatted Panels

Western Red Cedar Fencing

Known for its resilience against the weather, sun and temperature, as well as its longevity, western red cedar is an ideal wood for your garden fence. Western red cedar has a beautiful natural wood tone and texture that is sure to enhance the look of your garden and home. Over time, the wood darkens slightly bringing out the natural fibers and texture, while still providing protection from sunlight and maintaining its integrity against the elements.

Siberian Larch Fencing

Siberian Larch Fencing

Siberian Larch originates from Northern Asia and is priced for its waterproof attributes as well as its durability and strength. Originally this type of wood was used for marine construction of boats and yachts, but is now finding a new life used for wood fencing, wood decking and flooring. Siberian Larch is light brown in colour and does not require paint or additional chemical treatments. It is a beautiful and naturally durable option for your next fencing project.

South Coast Cobblestone Fence Installation, Maintenance & Repair

South Coast Cobblestone provides fencing installation in a variety of styles to suit your needs including lab panel fencing and slatted panels fencing. We will also help you repair your existing fence as well as help maintain it. Give us a call today at 0800 228 9175 or book your appointment online for a free fencing estimate.

Our fence installation and repair services are available in Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey.