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Pattern Imprinted Concrete - The installation process.

Firstly the entire area is excavated and the waste removed. The shuttering is then set to the desired shape and hardcore base added and compacted. Excavation will be at a depth of 200mm to allow for 100mm of hardcore and 100mm of concrete. Any drainage requirements and manholes etc are then set prior to the concreting stage, referred to as ‘the pour’.

The concrete is delivered pre-mixed in a concrete truck, barrowed in and roughly spread before being screeded to the correct levels and falls. The area is then floated to a smooth finish.

The next step is to apply the primary colour, which is trowled to a smooth finish. Once this surface is touch dry the printing stage can begin.

Just before printing an ‘antique’ release agent is applied to the surface. This does two things; it stops the printing mats from sticking to the surface of the concrete and introduces the secondary colour giving the effect of natural stone as well as the pointing detail.

After the pour and when the concrete has had time to harden sufficiently (usually the next day) it is power washed to remove the release agent. Crack control joints will then be cut and the site thoroughly cleaned.

Sealing of the area will occur once the newly laid paving is dry.

Weather permitting the installation time for an average driveway is 4-5 days.

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